Ordeal is the first stage of Membership in the Order of the Arrow. This is earned by completing the induction process culminating in an Ordeal Weekend, which is a test of your dedication to the principles of Scouting and the OA. See How To Join for more on this process. Portage Lodge generally holds 3 Ordeal a year in May, August, and September. Since the dates and locations vary, consult the latest Portage Times newsletter for details of upcoming Ordeals.


After ten (10) months, an Ordeal Member can choose to earn the Brotherhood Honor. The primarily consists of learning more about the OA and the Ordeal induction process. A letter must also be written describing your understanding of the Obligation, how you have been fulfilling it, and how you plan to be of future service. You can get more information about Brotherhood Membership in the following:
The Order of the Arrow Handbook in the section “On the Trail To Brotherhood”
The Jumpstart section of the National OA web site
Our Lodge’s Brotherhood Study Guide.
Brotherhood is offered a number of times each year: March Fellowship; Ordeals in May, August, and September; Section Conclave in May/June, and every week at Summer Camp.
Note: The Study Guide is safeguarded with a password. It is the same one used on the Jumpstart website: the 5th word of the title on page 10 of the OA Handbook  (use all lower case letters, no spaces, no quotes, no punctuation).


After two years as Brotherhood, a Member is eligible to be selected for the Vigil Honor. Youth and Adult dues-paid members may be nominated for outstanding service to Scouting, their Lodge, Chapter, and the community. This honor is so special that each Lodge may only select a certain number of candidates per year, based on their number of registered Members.In Portage Lodge the process usually follows the following process. Consult the latest Portage Times for the current details for this year.
Note: According to National policy, if your Troop/Team is part of the Heart of Ohio Council, you must complete your Brotherhood with Portage Lodge.
Any current dues-paid Lodge Member can nominate another who meets the above requirements by filling out this form : Vigil Nomination Form
All nomination forms are due to the Vigil Committee usually in early May. The nominations will then be reviewed to make sure the nominee has 2 years as Brotherhood and their dues are paid.
A Vigil Selection Committee will be chosen from the active Brotherhood and Vigil Youth Members from across the Lodge. This Committee will meet in May or June to select the Lodge’s candidates for that year from the previously submitted nomination forms.
After the nominations are finalized, they are sent to the national office for approval
Following National approval, the Vigil Ceremony is held, usually at the September Ordeal.