Lodge Executive Committee

How the committees are organized can be found in the Committee List and Organization file.

The 2016 Lodge Plan book contains the Lodge calendar, and goals for 2016.

Youth Office Name Email
Lodge Chief Ben P. LodgeChief@Portage619.org
Vice Chief of Administration Ben S. LodgeVCAdmin@Portage619.org
Vice Chief of Program CJ H. LodgeVCProg@Portage619.org
Secretary Hayes G. LodgeSecretary@Portage619.org
Treasurer Jon W. LodgeTreasurer@Portage619.org
Amangi Bischuwi Chapter Chief Evan R. ABChChief@Portage619.org
Chief Tarhe Chapter Chief Hayes G. CTChChief@Portage619.org
Lou-Ott Chapter Chief Jonathan W. LOChChief@Portage619.org
Mawat Chapter Chief Max H. MChChief@Portage619.org
Ceremonies Ben S. ceremonies@portage619.org
Camp Promotions JJ C. camppromo@portage619.org
Saleable Goods Matthew G. saleablegoods@portage619.org
Membership VACANT Membership@Portage619.org
Unit Elections VACANT unitelections@portage619.org
Communications Josh S. communications@portage619.org
Ordeal RJ P. ordeal@portage619.org
Brotherhood Darron R. brotherhood@portage619.org
Vigil Austin R. vigil@portage619.org
Service Alex W. service@portage619.org
Culinary Jordan S. culinary@portage619.org
Immediate Past Lodge Chief Jared R. pastlodgechief@portage619.org
Website / Social Media Zac R. website@portage619.org
Elangomat Development Matt S. elangomats@portage619.org
OA Trail Committee Kenny M. oatrail@portage619.org
Boys in Blue Committee VACANT boysinblue@portage619.org
Troop / Team Rep VACANT trooprep@portage619.org
Design Committee VACANT design@portage619.org
New Member Dinner Committee VACANT newmember@portage619.org
LLD Committee Ben P. lld@portage619.org
Cheerfulness Committee Jaret P. cheerfulness@portage619.org
Quartermaster Committee VACANT quartermaster@portage619.org
Adult Office Name Email
Lodge Adviser Rich Geyser lodgeadviser@portage619.org
Associate Adviser of Program Greg Coghlan lodgeassocadvgc@portage619.org
Associate Adviser Factual & Finance Greg Schultz lodgeassocadvgs@portage619.org
Associate Adviser Chapter Growth Josh Nagel lodgeassocadvjn@portage619.org
Staff Adviser Mike Warnock lodgeproadviser@portage619.org
Amangi Bischuwi Chapter Adviser Jim Lieb abchadviser@portage619.org
Chief Tarhe Chapter Adviser Josh Nagel ctchadviser@portage619.org
Lou-Ott Chapter Adviser Dan Fraley lochadviser@portage619.org
Mawat Chapter Adviser Eric Alkire mchadviser@portage619.org
Ceremonies Co-Adviser Amanda Phillips ceremonies@portage619.org
Ceremonies Co-Adviser Bob Sliney ceremonies@portage619.org
Camp Promotions Adviser Steve Wysong camppromo@portage619.org
Saleable Goods Adviser Larry Howell n/a
Membership Adviser John Conklin membership@portage619.org
Unit Elections Adviser Christy Howard unitelections@portage619.org
Communications Adviser Mary Wirth communications@portage619.org
Ordeal Adviser Cory Gibson ordeal@portage619.org
Brotherhood Adviser Dave Willins brotherhood@portage619.org
Vigil Adviser Greg Coghlan vigil@portage619.org
Service Adviser Len Sipe service@portage619.org
Culinary Adviser Paul Schultz culinary@portage619.org
Website / Social Media Adviser Jeremy Snyder website@portage619.org
Elangomat Development Adviser Scott Gatchell elangomats@portage619.org
OA Trail Committee Adviser Matt Wendling oatrail@portage619.org
Boys in Blue Committee Adviser Lis Kammiller boysinblue@portage619.org
Troop / Team Rep Adviser NEW 2015 trooprep@portage619.org
Design Committee Adviser Greg Schultz design@portage619.org
New Member Dinner Committee Adviser John Conklin newmember@portage619.org
LLD Committee Adviser Matt Bernotas lld@portage619.org
Cheerfulness Committee Adviser VACANT cheerfulness@portage619.org
Quartermaster Committee Adviser Greg Olgin quartermaster@portage619.org

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