Seeking Vigil Honor Nominations

Hello everyone! My name is Austin Reimer and I’m the chairman of the Vigil Committee for the 2016 year. As many of you may know, it is now once again time to begin the Vigil nomination process. The Vigil honor is the highest honor that a lodge can bestow upon one of its members, and is not earned for what has been done, but rather is given for what is expected in the future. This honor is presented to those who best exemplify the foundation of our order; Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and Service. In order to be eligible for the Vigil Honor, a brother must be of Brotherhood rank for at least two years. 2016 dues must also be paid in order to be considered! Please be sure to submit all nominations to me before the Friday of our first upcoming Ordeal (That’s May 6th!). If you would like to submit a nomination, are looking for the nomination paperwork or have any questions about the Vigil nomination process, you can contact me at
I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming events, and can’t wait for this year!

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