NOAC Update, Jun-29-2015

Dear Fellow NOAC Attendees,

Just a few things as we get closer to NOAC – only 35 days left…
1) Medical Forms – Due June 30 THIS TUESDAY
a) Submitting Forms
b) After Submitting
2) Payments
3) Upcoming Emails

1) Medical Forms – Due June 30 THIS TUESDAY
Just like for Summer Camp, you will need a Medical form to attend NOAC, and you will have to have the doctor’s part. For NOAC, the form is mostly just the 2014 version of the BSA Medical Form, with a special code on it and a slightly different procedure for use. EVERYONE’s form is due THIS TUESDAY, JUNE 30th. If we don’t get everyone’s forms turned in and approved, it will delay our check-in for our Lodge – please don’t make everyone else in the Lodge wait for YOU on check-in day…

1a) Submitting Forms
– Starting at the NOAC Registration site, log in and click on the Event link on the left side of the window.
– There is some more info on the medical process that you should read through on the event page
– Select the “Click to access BSA AHMR System”. This will redirect you to the website to create another account and log in and process your medical form.
– Basically you will have to fill out some of the info online, print the forms, take them to your doctor to fill out and sign, then scan and upload your completed form. Your form needs to be uploaded by JUNE 30, 2015.
– Then the NOAC medical staff will review your completed form and contact you with any problems or questions they have.

Some notes:
– We have heard that there are some issues that when printing the forms, not all of the information prints on the form. We have told National about this, so hopefully it will be fixed soon, but don’t count on it.
– Especially if you have medical issues (don’t meet the height/weight guidelines, have high blood pressure, etc…), you should do you medical as soon as possible. That way, if we need to get a waiver for you to attend NOAC, we will have time to pursue that.
– Make sure you attach a copy of BOTH SIDES of your medical insurance card
– If you have medical insurance through the military, you will need to get a “TRICARE Coverage Letter”
– If you are planning to do SCUBA at NOAC, you will NOT NEED the special SCUBA physical addendum
– Since this is basically the same form, you will also be able to use it for Summer Camp if you are doing that too, just be sure to make copies.
– If you are having trouble logging into your MyScouting account, let us know ASAP!!!!

1b) After Submitting
We will also need you to send a hard copy to take with us.

You may do that in one of two ways:
1) Mail to a Council PO box:

Heart of Ohio Council
PO Box 652
Amherst, OH 44001

2) Hand it to our Staff Adviser Kevin Fox at Firelands Scout Reservation. He is usually there on Tuesday afternoons from 1-4 PM, so you should call him to find out where he is at 419-606-7672

2) Payments
The final payment of $75 is basically due now. We will send out more details later this week.

If you go into the Online Payment System, and you don’t think the total it is asking for is not right – PLEASE DO NOT USE IT, but let us know there is a problem.

3) Upcoming Emails
In an attempt to make this email smaller, and get this out quick, watch for more emails this week about

a) More about payments
b) Training & Activity Signups
c) Other info we need
d) General Info
e) Upcoming Contingent Meetings
f) Travel Plans
g) What to pack
h) Anything else that seems important

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Yours in Brotherhood,

NOAC 2015 Committee
Chair – Ben F.
Advisers – Greg Coghlan, Greg Schultz

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