May-13th Email Update

My Brothers,

This email is a short news update and a heads up of some important events.

1. Section Conclave (This Weekend, May 15th – 17th)
2. Portage Lodge Service Project (June 5th – 7th)
3. Website Information
4. Final Thoughts

1. Section Conclave

First of all, the annual Section Conclave is THIS WEEKEND at the Youngstown Air Force Reserve Station!  Although registration is now closed, Portage will be bringing a crew of 38 to the Wapashuwi Lodge Hosted event, and it is sure to be a blast!  If you are attending, I can’t wait to see you there, be sure to bring your best Scout Spirit while we show off how cool Portage Lodge is to the other lodges in our section.  PS.  If you needed a ride, and still have not been set up with one yet, either reply to this email, or contact Greg Coghlan at and we will get you set up!

2. Portage Lodge Service Project

I once again want to urge the Arrowman of this lodge to put on their best ‘service caps’ and please attend our 100th Anniversary Sponsored event, which will be trail building in the Lou-Ott chapter on the weekend of June 5th – 7th near Butler, Ohio.  We are seeking a massive group to help make a lasting change on the area, and help build a couple of trails that will connect a network of trails that already exist.  Information can be found on the very front page of our website, and the cost is just $10 to cover the food for the weekend.  As the event approaches, we will get information to the members and other Boy Scouts of the Council and our mission is to get you all pumped up!  The OA provides so much service to our own camp each year, and are a very important group in assistance to its operation, so this is a chance to expand the service that has made us great, by helping our community.

PS.  This event is open to ALL Troops of our Council in addition to Arrowman, in order to promote our Brotherhood of Cheerful service to the other Boy Scouts.  So please, be sure to promote this information in your OWN Troops and make an attempt to bring some extra hands!  “He who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest.”  Which is of course what our Order prides itself on.

3.  Website Info

If you guys seriously haven’t checked out the new revamped website yet, please head over to Our Website Committee has worked hard keeping it updated and in line with Council online payment links.  It is constantly being updated and improved, so be sure to check it out often!  (My favorite is the Lodge Flap Archive that goes back to almost every Portage Lodge Flap that has ever been produced, for you patch collectors)  In addition, if you have any thoughts or ideas, or just want to say how awesome the site looks, send your messages to

4. Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read through this brief email, I hope to see you at our upcoming events this year!  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other members of the Lodge Executive Committee (which can all be found on our website under contact us!)

Yours in Scouting,

Ben P.
Portage Lodge Chief

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