OA Trail Project

More details are now available regarding our Centennial Service Project on the Mohican Trail.  More information is available on the Event page: Mohican Trail Project (Jun 5-7).

WHO: All Arrowman, and Scouters available to help.  Looking for at least 100 volunteers.

WHAT:  We will help build 4.2 miles of new trail in Mohican Country.

WHEN: June 5-7th

WHERE: Across from 5370 Bunkerhill North Rd, Butler, OH 44822.  We will be camping at a 56 acre church retreat center for the weekend.

WHY: Great opportunity to give back to our community, and make a lasting impact on the Mohican Trail system.  And if that wasn’t enough, this also fulfills the Arrowman Service Award (Sash Patch) requirement to “attend your lodge’s sponsored 100th Anniversary event”.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING: Tent and personal gear for camping, Work Clothes, Work Gloves, Rakes, Shovel, Loppers, hand saws, etc. if you have them.

For more information:  Mohican Trail Project (Jun 5-7)

Online Registration is available.

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