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Dear Fellow NOAC Attendees,

Just a few things as we get closer to NOAC…

1) Registration with National
a) Medical Forms
b) Training & Activity Registration
2) NOAC Contingent Meeting, Mar 21
3) NOAC News from National – The Ripple
4) Patch Designs Needed

1) Registration with National

Later tonight we are going to start adding all of you to the NOAC Registration site. After that, you should receive an email from “National OA Event Registration System”. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the email to create your own personal account and log in.

Once logged in, you can update your personal info, emergency contact, and other important info. From your account, you will also be able to sign up for classes and competitions starting on April 1st.

If you click on the “Event” link on the left, you can find more info about your medical form. See more below.

1a) Medical Forms

Just like for Summer Camp, you will need a Medical form to attend NOAC, and you will have to have the doctor’s part. For NOAC, the form is mostly just the 2014 version of the BSA Medical Form, with a special code on it and a slightly different procedure for use:

  – Starting at the NOAC Registration site, log in and click on the Event link on the left side of the window.

  – There is some more info on the medical process that you should read through on the event page

  – Select the “Click to access BSA AHMR System”. This will redirect you to the website to create another account and log in and process your medical form.

  – Basically you will have to fill out some of the info online, print the forms, take them to your doctor to fill out and sign, then scan and upload your completed form.

  – Then the NOAC medical staff will review your completed form and contact you with any problems or questions they have.

Some notes:

  – We have heard that there are some issues that when printing the forms, not all of the information prints on the form. We have told National abut this, so hopefully it will be fixed soon, but don’t count on it.

  – Especially if you have medical issues (don’t meet the height/weight guidelines, have high blood pressure, etc…), you should do your medical as soon as possible. That way, if we need to get a waiver for you to attend NOAC, we will have time to pursue that.

  – Since this is basically the same form, you should also be able to use it for Summer Camp if you are doing that too, just be sure to make copies.

1b) Training & Activity Registration

Starting some time on April 1st, you will be able to sign up for classes and activities after logging in to your NOAC account. We don’t know yet what will be available, but hope details will be out soon. During the Contingent Meeting on the 21st, if we still don’t have that info, we will share some info about what types of things were offered at the past couple of NOACs.

2) NOAC Contingent Meeting, Mar 21

Our first NOAC Contingent Meeting will be on Saturday March 21 from 3-5PM at Camp Avery Hand/Firelands Scout Reservation in the Dining Hall. The main purpose of this meeting will be to:

– give you a chance to meet the others going
– pass along what info we have from National
– discuss the process of signing up for classes and activities, which starts April 1st
– hopefully look at patch designs (see below) and suggest designs to the LEC to approve
– discuss other items like t-shirts, crazy hats, or other things we want just for those of us going
– give you the chance to ask questions to us and others who have been to a NOAC before

The meeting is being held at part of the “100th Anniversary Kick-Off Retreat” that you should have received information about. We hope that you can attend the whole weekend, to really get the chance to bond with others in the Lodge and meet more of us going to NOAC. The cost for the entire weekend is only $20 and includes a new 2015 Anniversary Flap if you register by THIS FRIDAY March 13th. If you cannot stay the whole weekend, you are welcome to come out just for the NOAC meeting at no cost. But it would be great if you could also stay for Dinner (and a 2015 Flap) at a cost of only $10. Your parents are welcome to attend the meeting, but if they are staying for dinner, they do need to register and pay the $10 so we know how many to buy food for.

3) NOAC News from National – The Ripple

This weekend, the OA sent out a new eNewsletter about NOAC. They will be sending these out monthly, and you should be receiving the next ones (after registering online – see above). You can see a web version of the first newsletter here:

This first issue features:
– a letter from the National Chief and Vice Chief
– early details on some of the competitions being offered at NOAC
– information on Ceremonies Competitions during NOAC

Some of the events you will be able to sign up for individually, others we sign up for as a Lodge. If you are interested in doing any of these events, please let us know at so we can start pulling together teams.

4) NOAC Patch Designs Needed

Part of national events like Jamboree and NOAC is patch trading, and trying to get the “hot patch” that everyone is looking for. Our Lodge will have special patches just for NOAC, and we want ours to be the patch that everyone wants. We are working with some big local companies to help with patch designs, but if that falls through we need other ideas. So do some searching online to see what other Lodges are doing, and maybe you can come up with THE awesome design for this year’s NOAC. The patches to have to say “Portage” or “Portage 619”, have an Indian silhouette, the national Centennial logo, and should say “NOAC 2015”. Even if you are not the best artist, just some simple sketches will suffice – we have some artistic people in the Lodge that can help, as well as the patch vendor. If you have designs or questions, please send them to

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Yours in Brotherhood,

NOAC 2015 Committee

Chair – Ben Freeman
Advisers – Greg Coghlan, Greg Schultz

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