April Ordeal

We will be holding our first Ordeal of this year from April 24-26 at Camp Wyandot, Firelands Scout Reservation.  I encourage all available members to attend and welcome in some new OA members, provide some service to camp, and mingle with all our OA buds.

If you are a newer member, I am sure you recall the weekend of your Ordeal, and I assure you that you do not have to go through it all again!  Instead, this would just be a weekend of cabin / tent camping, some great food, and a limited amount of service to our camp.

Elangomats Wanted!

However, if you are bummed by the fact that I mentioned that you do not have to go through your Ordeal experience again, BUT WANT TO, then we have a perfect opportunity for you!  Our Ordeal Chairman, Jaret P., as well as our Elangomat Chairman, RJ P., are both looking for interested Arrowman (youth and adults) to volunteer themselves in cheerful service to be the guides of our Ordeal Candidates during the weekend.  This would mean that you would lead a small group of candidates along with another Elangomat while you lead them in service and provide the best experience of the Ordeal.  Contact them at Ordeal@Portage619.org, Elangomats@Portage619.org .

Online Registration

As you may have all heard, our Council Service Center in Ashland will be relocating this Spring to an area in Mansfield.  As it just so happens, this process will be going on during the registration for our April Ordeal, meaning, our members will be UNABLE to mail in their event registration forms to the Office like in the past starting April 10th, until it is up and ready and the new mailbox is opened after the move.

Since we will be unable to mail in the registration to the Office, we will be highly promoting the use of our Online Registration for events on our Lodge website, Upcoming Events post right on the home page you will find links to all upcoming events and the Council link to the registration site.  At this time, we do not know if there will be some other type of option to register, whether that be a different PO box or some other system, so stay tuned for that.

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