100th Anniversary Kick Off Schedule

My Brothers,

As many of you know, the deadline for the 100th Anniversary Kick Off Event on the weekend of March 20-22 is just one day away!  Many Lodge members have already registered, but luckily, we still have space!  Of course, you would be able to register late, after March 13th, but it would not include our 100th Anniversary Lodge Flap in the cost, but the fee of $20.00 would remain the same for the weekend.   (So try to get your fees in before that cut-off, but don’t let it stop you from registering if you didn’t make it!)  We will be staying in the Cub Staff Cabins as well as another full sized cabin all located on Camp Avery Hand.  All program activities will be held at the Dining Hall (or of course if the weather is nice like today there will be many outside activities).

To all those already registered or planning to go,

Over the course of the weekend, there will be three different training blocks where a total of eight different sessions will be available to choose from.  Below is the schedule of these trainings and when they will be available:

Block 1:
a.      “The Keys to Delegation”
b.      “Elangomats”
c.      “Ceremonies, Symbolism Behind the Scripts”

Block 2:
a.      “Service Project Planning”
b.      “Chapters: Unit of Excellence Award”
c.      “Speaking and Listening Effectively”

Block 3:
a.      “Adults Working with Youth” (Adults only)
b.      “Committees 101” (Youth only)

Each Arrowman will be able to choose which training he attends in each block, and we hope that there will be something that interests everyone!
Aside from trainings, the afternoon will include:

  • information about the 2015 Celebration, from the Lodge level as well as the National level,
  • a NOAC contingent meeting for all attending NOAC this year (and interested parents),
  • a Lodge Executive Committee meeting,
  • Lodge Committee meetings
  • Lots of fun games and other fellowship activities.

Once again, registration is open on our Lodge Website, www.Portage619.org, or you can send in a check with a printout of the General Event Registration Form in the mail to the Council Office, which can also be found on the website.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible!

PS.  If you haven’t already paid your dues for 2015, I highly recommend it!  If you are unsure if you have or have not, simply contact our Vice Chief of Administration, Jared Repas, at LodgeVCAdmin@Portage619.org

Yours in Brotherhood,

Ben Pycraft
Portage Lodge Chief

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